The Update Released on the 22nd of May 2017, or unofficially known as the GUI Update is the most recent update for The Conquerors 3.


The update completely changed the interface. There is now a bar on the left with the shop, skins, change colour and settings buttons. The chat has been changed too, with both ally and global chat added to the same place (choose ally if you want ally). The ally bar has been renamed to the democracy bar, and research no longer requires you to select the research centre. You also cannot build Oil Rigs without selecting the Oil Ship first now, as the player used to be able to press 'k' with it deselected. The Control Units tab has been removed, and you now control them from the bottom of the screen. You can also see your ally's and your positioning in the map, which helps with finding enemy units. The new skins interface allows the player to choose which skins from a pack to equip precisely, and is sorted out much better, making skins much easier to find. Skins will also save for a period of time now, not including flags, hats, guns or packages.

Skin Packs

The generic WWII skin pack have all gained the USA title (even though some aren't even from USA). The USA Modern tanks pack has been released, but is only obtainable through mystery crates, the same goes for the Vulcan Space Planes and Red Baron Space Fighter too.


Four new Survival maps were added:

  • Mars 4
  • Paths
  • ---
  • ---

And two Conquest maps:

  • Tri Weather
  • Islands (snow)