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The catalog is a cosmetic shop in The Conquerors 3, featuring lots of hats, packages, skins,... that change the appearance of units and buildings.

Items of the shop can be purchased either by coins (earned by destroying buildings and end of a match) or ROBLOX's currency: ROBUX

The items of the shop are all cosmetics that change the appearance of your own units and buildings. They do not affect the stats of the units/buildings whatsoever.

You can find purchased items the button 'your own items', which you can access in-game.

Be careful whilst clicking, as there is no disclaimer that asks if you are sure about buying an item.

There are 5 main categories in the catalog: Hats, Flags, Guns, Skins and Packages.


Hats are worn only by soldiers when equipped in a game.

Unlike the other items, hats are separated by categories of rarity: basic, uncommon, rare and legendary.

A free spin is rewarded upon reaching level 5, where one can get a random hat of a random rarity(most likely common).


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A nuclear plant, regular turret and anti-air turret with flags.

There are many flags available in the store, including those of nationalities and other fictional symbols.

Flags are worn by all units and buildings in the game when equipped.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.39.25 pm

A light soldier. Note the different gun that the soldier wields.

A cosmetic specifically for the guns of soldiers. Once equipped, all guns of the soldiers will be swapped for the item.


Skins completely change the appearance of the unit/building once equipped.

Skins has three types: a skin bundle that changes the whole appearance (gamepass), skin bundle that changes certain elements (buildings only, units only, naval only..) and a bundle that only effects 1 unit.


Packages are the body appearances/shapes of soldiers.

Packages change the body of the soldier, not being the shape of a blocky unit, gives off

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 6.22.03 pm

A soldier wearing a hat, flag, and a skin from 'packages' category.

 another body shape, such as the picture shown here:

It'll be harder to tell which type of soldier you have with a package, which isn't much of an advantage when in-game.