A command center is an original building from the game, The Conquerors. It is always seen in the first minute of the game, along with 3 light soldiers, a Scout Unit, and 1 construction soldier, though construction soldiers are only specifically seen on water maps.


The Command Center acts as a defense against early attacks. It has relatively high health and deals substantial damage to enemies nearby. In the first 20 minutes of the game this damage is multiplied, making the cc considerably strong against early waves of units. After that, the Comand Center loses much of its strength. After 30 minutes. It weakens even more. After 1 hour, it'll become in its weakest stage.

A command center is required to make use of allied buildings (or units like the aircraft carrier and mothership) to produce units. Only the person using the shared buildings needs a cc for this, the player owning the buildings does not need a command center.

People can make more command centers for more defense from an attack or as a backup plan.

It is not recommended to sell this key building since you only get 60 cash and it is a great defense against enemies.

Defense Tactics

  • Your Command Center, also known as the CC, is a VITAL part of your base, and therefore you should NEVER sell it unless you have the funds to move it to an ally base, or a tactical spot on the map you can easily defend. A very good strategy is to "house" your CC. Every building should surround your CC. Expand outward with the CC in the middle. For example: one of the first things people build is a barracks, rotate it and put it next to a side of the CC and do the same with other buildings mixed with defensive buildings. This prevents explosive tanks from reaching your CC and the other buildings will draw fire from a hostile army giving your CC, and other defensive building you have in place, to kill off the invading army.


  • USA WWII Skin
  • Japanese Skin
  • Futuristic Skin
  • Sci-Fi Skin
  • Halloween Skin
  • Greek Skin
  • Beach Skin
  • Byzantine Skin