The hospital is a building the in the Conquerors 3. It is used to heal nearby units. It prioritizes the owner's units over allied units. It cannot heal naval units


The hospital is similar to the medic, though it is not mobile and costs $55 more. The healing speed of the hospital is equivalent to the healing speed of a medic. It is generally used if a player does not want to waste a soldier slot on healing capabilities.

While the medic has the advantage of being mobile, it's healing speed is still slow enough that it would not be useful in battle. Therefore, even with a medic, most healing is done back at base. This means that a hospital's lack of movement may not make it less useful than a medic.

The healing of medics & hospitals is single-target! It is not an Area of Effect heal!

The healing of medics & hospitals are the same.

They can be really usefull to reduce the deaths or damage took by units - and therefore making it less likely to have to create more units and selling the wounded ones. This is also really usefull when the player has a low amount of Money and Income, because by using a hospital you won't have to sell wounded units and build another.