Light Tank
Cost 70
Type Tank
Built In Tank Factory
Health Unknown
Speed 5.5
Range (Studs) 16
Damage High
Reload (Seconds) Slow+ (1.43 seconds)


A light tank is a original unit from the game, The Conquerors. It is not a commonly used tank.

With the WWII Tank Skins (200 R$) Pack, it resembles a real world US M4 Sherman medium tank

With the WWII German Tank Skin Pack, it resembles a real world German Panzer IV medium tank.

With the WWII Russia Tank Skin, it resembles a real world Soviet T-34/76 medium tank.


Light tanks are noticeably faster than heavy tanks and may be more useful than heavy tanks with infantry if speed is key(such as harassing power/nuclear plants, where enemy response is swift); this being said, the light tank cannot take as much damage as a heavy tank, and its few uses is in cash-stripped economies versus heavy tanks, where the heavy tank would take too long to produce in relation with cpm(cash per minute.)

Attacking Strategies

When using light tanks, it can be a good idea to use it as a first wave so it can fight off weak units or walls. Light tanks are also useful in doing distractions so the units only attack the weak ones while the stronger units attack while they attack the weak units.