Maps of The Conquerors 3

Maps are the base of where players conduct the game. This is arguably the most critical part of the game as there would be no gameplay without it. After a room fills and players enter the game, they may vote for the map of their choice.


Maps may be played in three game modes: conquest, survival, and territory. All maps have energy crystals for players to build plants on and build economy; some maps with water may have oil spots (areas oil rigs can be built on and help economy).

In survival, there is only one/two path(s) the AI come by.

In territory conquest, the number of territories is 27.

Some maps have 'default teaming'. This refers to maps where teams are automatically put into allies because of the close locations the teams start with. When such maps have been voted upon, players may choose who they would like to team with, much like 4v4 conquest.


Using a variety of tactics that change with each map is a critical decision and can decide the winner of a game. Typically, factors such as water, mountainous areas and whether possible base locations are next to a crystal should be considered.

In general, when playing on maps with a vast amount of water such as Fantasy 2 or Desert vs Grass, it is wise to attempt to get a strong navy.

Players should make use of mountainous areas to make bases, especially if they are only accessible by air transport or using bunkers. Though such areas may not have energy crystals, this is easily solved by using construction soldiers.

A good tactic for smaller contained maps is to assume control of the crystals on your side as fast as possible and maintain that control. Only having half the crystals, or less than half if things go south, will noticeably handicap you in the mid-late game especially if you dont handle your money wisely and if the team on the other side has managed to gain control of most or all crystals on their side. REMEMBER: At the very start your enemy is on your side of the map, but, your long run competition is on the other side of that wall trying to build up their eco and unit strength against you.