Information of Money Per Minute

Money per minute, or p/m as seen in game, is the in-game currency for matches of The Conquerors, The Conquerors Mark II, and The Conquerors 3. This currency is used for buying unit buildings and unit soldiers, tanks, navy, and planes. To increase money per minute, you must have a power plant, a nuclear plant, or an oil rig.

Cash caps out at $9999. (Visually, if you have more than $9999, you still have more, it just doesn't show.)

Getting a lot of Money Per Minute

It is common to see people making Power Plants, but nuclear plants produce 5 more Money/Minute. Making nuclear plants may be expensive but worth getting after getting around 5. Here are the best buildings to use to get money per minute. (Greatest to Least) *Oil rigs cost $35 instead of the $65 for a power plant or $140 for a nuclear plant. Nuclear plants take 9:40 to pay their costs back, power plants take only 6:30 minutes, oil rigs cost 1:15 for the first due to shipyard costs, it takes 11:30 to pay the costs of itself and the shipyard, the rest take 3:30. It is recommended that when there is a lack of available crystals, you use nuclear plants.

  1. Nuclear Plant = +15 p/m
  2. Power Plant or Oil Rig* = +10 p/m

Miscellaneous Facts

One always begins with a starting 10 cash per minute, this is so no one is locked with 1 building/unit that can't produce money.

you can only get 10 MAX money from buildings that aren't Plants or Oil Rigs;

this means that for every 5 command centers you buy, you only get the money for the first center,

you cannot build up money off centers at all.