The scout is a soldier unit from the previous Conquerors that was added to The Conquerors 3 in the 15th of June Update. It is armed with a pistol and is mainly used early game as a way of quickly getting from place to place or building plants, as the unit is the fastest soldier unit, and does slightly less damage than Light Soldiers. Players will always start off with one near their Command Centre, along with three Light Soldiers and a Construction Soldier if it's a water map. It is made in the Barracks.

Strategic Purposes / Usage

Due to its availability in early games, scouts are usually used to provide a way of creating economy. Meanwhile, it also does very limit damage so it is likely to be skipped in creating a soldier force. As the scout most likely is the least valuable unit in an army, it would be logical to put it on the front of an army to negate damage and buy some time, although not advisable due to players having access to units which could do the same task.