The firebase strategy

This article/strategy was created by createcrusher (the irony).

"I have been playing The Conquerors 3 for about 18 months now and I thought I would teach those who wish to know my best strategy, the firebase strategy"

The firebase strategy is a mid game strategy that in short consists of building a small base near the enemies, I personally am notorious this strategy and here's how I lay it out.


First things first, your gonna need cash, when building plants near power crystals be sure to only build nuclear plants that you can defend, very important. Be a Scrooge Mc Duck or Mr Krabs and horde all the money to yourself, no research, no defence unless its nessacery and do not build any production buildings... yet! If playing on a naval map, do not sell/deploy your construction soldier and do not build a docks. Use allied docks to make oil ships and claim as much oil spots ASAP. BE SUPER GREEDY AND TAKE OTHERS OIL!

Move out marines

Now that you have a nice economy going build up a bit of cash. On a land map, get your construction soldier to move his legs, on a sea map use transport planes or boats built from allied buildings to get from point A to point B. When your main man arrives, find a nice spot near but not to close the enemy base to deploy. A higher, iscolated piece of terrain works best because of the fact only space units and artillery being able to reach up and/or attack their.

Setting up shop

So you have money and a construction yard, great, now get some units in. I find that barracks and tank factory's work best and heavy tanks/soldiers work best as they aren't too costly, their durable and their effective in numbers plus they train relatively quickly. A few turrets and/or a hospital is optional. Planes, both normal and space don't work to well for me cause they are expensive, less effective, slow to build and normal planes can get stuck on high terrain plus they are vulnerable to AA units/defences.


Once you have a decent army of Heavy tanks and/or Heavy soldiers your ready. Don't be afraid to build a soldier/tank house to get an extra one or two units but dont spend time and money getting cap boosts. Once your ready, STRIKE! You will either steam roll the enemy or leave them weak and both economically and physically defenceless, so a second wave, even only a half as big one is often enough to wipe them off the map. Firebases are also great choke points and are hard to defend against... just watch out for artillery and motherships.

So thats basically the firebase strategy, my most effective strategy, using this, you can win with little effort in 25-40 minutes. Hope this helps.