This isn't meant to be a competitive and overpowered strategy but more of a strategy that uses defense buildings to an offensive.


Most preferred requirements are, get to 14 Soldiers Capacity.

Get 1 Engineer and 1 Construction soldiers.

12 Soldiers.


How to perform

Once you land on enemy base, if the enemy has units there, he/she might think he is more stronger than you since you have 12 soldiers and 2 non attack. He/she will mostly want to charge you and make his buildings untouched as he doesn't want to spend on repairmen. When he/she does that, actually before that, predict if you think she/he is charging against you, quickly, place a construction yard down on where your trench is meant to be, then build walls with the engineer, then spam turrets down and when they attack you, your turrets will help in the offensive, against them.

So defense is not all for defense after all, defense can be used to attack enemy units in an offensive plan.

When their soldiers are weakened, while your walls are baiting their shots. While you and your allies can shoot through it, you are at an advantage, immediately open the gates of the walls when the enemy is weakened and raid their base!