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Difficulity How hard to beat them.
Noob Doesn't know how to play the game.
Easy Doesn't play very well.
Normal Plays ok, but not that great.
Hard Plays decently.
Irritatingly Hard Plays decently and annoyingly.
Expert Knows how to play.
Insane Knows how to play and beat you.
Impossible Literally god.
Varied May or may not vary,
Rarity How often they appear.
Everywhere Everyone does this.
Common 50 out of 100 does this.
Uncommon 40 out of 100 does this.
Rare 30 out of 100 does this.
Ultra Rare 20 out of 100 does this.
Mythical 5 out of 100 does this.
Virtually Extinct Literally noone.

Cross Teamers

Difficulty: Hard

These people team with people not in your team. Very hard to beat and are usually formed to enforce a treaty. Cross teamers team with people not in your team. Very hard to beat.

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Maginot basers/ outlasters

Difficulty: varies from very easy to very hard

Rarity: Mythical

Soemwhat close to Turtles and Trumps /outlaster (on comments), they tend to make a very strong base and sometimes will get a strong economy, sometimes not. Their strategy is to make an unpenetrable base with lots of anti-personal/anti-aerial units and tanks and defences/walls. If they ever attack, it's purpose will be to destroy enemy economy and strenghten theirs, but sometimes they go full force attack against somebody who is distracted or just got out from battle,however a very commom strategy upon these players is to become so unpenetrable and time taking/impossible that players RQ before or in the procces of doing so, and then the player just gets a free win,or just grows very strong. This strategy is barely even used, and even less used as a main one. It's very favorable for 2v2v2 maps and on Europe they make a very strong standing if the player spawns on the UK or Turkey.

Counters: Nukes/fire bombs and units that can outrange defences such as artillery/sniper and a strong army (late game)

All NP players

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: easy or hard (if they make it to late game)

These people don't build any power plants they just build nuclear power plants. These players can easily be defeated as they lose all their money at start building plants. Some don't even defend their plants! You can easily make them waste their money by rushing them, and they may build lots of turrets depending on how many troops you use. If they manage to reach late game, their income will be way higher than yours they will already have an army ready if you attack their plants, so don't let these people survive early game - rush them and you can easily get rid of them. Some tend to rage quit if you destroy a couple of their plants.They are also often found leaving games early, regardless of game conditions.

Bacon Hairs

Rarity: Common

Difficulty: Too Easy - Ultra

Normal looking people on the start of the game they may be easy victories or your worse nightmare as pro players tend to disguise themselves as a bacon hair in order to deceive thinking they are clueless bacon hairs, In order to verify if a bacon hair is a pro or a noob check what they are doing on the early minutes of the game, they are typically the rushers if the bacon hair is a pro or if its a noob they usually just stare at their base commonly seen building barracks and creating soldiers whilst disregarding economy. BEWARE OF THE BACON HAIRS.


Rarity: Common - Uncommon

Difficulty: Normal

They are the ones who rush and attack your nuclear plants in the first 20 minutes where the command centers. They usually use 3 light soldier starters and expect to win. They are easily rage quit and easy to win as the command center does more damage and has a buff earlier. To win them. Simply defend with turrets and your CC. The PRO's on the other hand are much harder versions. They rush till you waste money. While they will waste more. Their allies will then spam troops at their barracks and take you out. Making you waste for no reason at all and just leaving time for them to slowly get cash. Still easy to beat them. Fight Fire with fire.

Variant: Base Flankers

Rarity: Ultra Rare (Uncommon on rooms 3,5-6(Common on room 7)

Difficulty: Hard

On the first minutes of the game, they will build NPs/PPs in proximity on their bases, after that, they rush near the enemy's base and start to create production units then create Units to patrol the base. Once they think they are well defended, they start to expand their economy and then focus back on their base, Once they good units, They will attack your base IMMEDIATELY.

The problem is that, on start game, they will require donations from allies to build an effective base. Once they build a base. You are doomed. To counter this is to attack the soon to be base immediately.

Economic Hungry Manager

Rarity: Common - Uncommon

Difficulty: Hard

They are people hungry for nuclear plants on every crystal. Theres a pro version and a noob version. The Pro's build a nuclear plant with a turret while the noob ones put a power plant with 0 defense whatsoever.

To beat them you simply need at least 10 heavy soldiers and destroy their nuclear plants, ignore the turret. To ignore it, you use something called the range technique where you make only the nuclear plant in its range.

Then you can place your nuclear plants there.


Rarity: Uncommon

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

These are uncommon annoying people that can be fooled easily. They try to set a temporary treaty so build up an army to attack you. Easily countered by "accepting" the treaty, then attacking them when they are the least aware.

Variant - Backstabbing Peacemaker

Rarity: Uncommon - Rare

Difficulty: Normal-Hard

These are basically peacemakers, but they attack once they have a suitable army. Easily countered by having your own army to protect your assets or attacking them first.

Variant - Spy

Rarity: everywhere on ffa/very common

Difficulty: Hard

They ally with you and sabotage you and leak information to his friends on the other alliance.


Rarity: Everywhere - Common (Very Rare in Room 7)

Difficulty: Way Too Easy

Really? These people dont even plant nuclear plants. They either don't plant anything and just watch your army rather than focusing on themselves. They watch you all day thinking it's a documentary they can watch. While that is actually true, they're not playing and sometimes considered "Waste of Time" They usually build barracks, bunkers and spam turrets straight off with no income. Instead of allying they just say in the chat "TEAM" rather than actually using the ally function. To win? Figure it out yourself. You know how to. Come on, just don't follow their steps. Thats all. Mostly their kids and noobs. Admit, you were once this type before. At least once.

Protip: When choosing allies, don't just immediately request anyone that is closest to your base. The 'scrub' becomes your worst enemy when you become ally with it! It is good practise to wait for a moment to see if a player places down any power plants at all before choosing to ally with them.


Rarity: Uncommon-Rare (Very Rare in Room 1 and 2)

Difficulty: Hard

These people shown themselves that they have serious skills and PWNED Scrubs before. They know what their doing and players to be reckoned with. The key to winning is being Decent yourself via Experience, along with good Allies. Be smart and cautious with every step and move you take, otherwise it might be the end of you.


Rarity: Rare - Ultra (Legendary in room 1 and 2)

Difficulty: Insane

Basically Decents on steroids. These are veterans. You need serious full force full skill allies to win this. So good luck is all I can say :P


Rarity: Common - Uncommon

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Barbarians are uncivilised powerful army on their own. They don't have allies but they're good at the game. They just can't work with people. So kill them with an ally. You cannot beat them alone.


Rarity: Rare - Ultra Rare (Uncommon in Room 7)

Difficulty: Hard - Insane

Hunters are like Lions or Tigers hunting their prey. They stalk you from behind and then strike when least expected. How do they do that? They are tricksters but harder and more enhanced. They are usually allied with someone and plan things out. They get soldiers and tanks and when you attack someone. They'll attack your less protected base. Their very difficult to win especially in 2 v 2 v 2 as you have two other teams of enemies. Their more common in 2 v 2 v 2 than 3 v 3.


Rarity: Uncommon (Common in Room 7)

Difficulty: Medium

Theres two types of tricksters. The ones that fail at their job and the ones that are actually great. They make great allies and terrible enemies. They act weak and stay undercover at first and then suddenly they'll take action and start talking to you and trick you around. Distract you and then suddenly nuke you. They're super random and have nothing much to say.

Variant: Deceptionists

Rarity: Extremley rare

Difficulty: Hard to Ultra

These guys often rely on teams but can be lethal if left alone. So basically they use their allies production buildings like barracks, forts and tank factory's to build a decent land army of less than 10, after that they may trick others by building a fort and research center, fooling others into thinking that they are creating juggs and artilleries. Their bases are often poorly defended on purpose and they make them look vulnerable to light to meduim attacks. Dont be fooled because pooling all your money on and sending a medium sized attack force will be your downfall. They will ungarraison their probally heavy tanks and snipers (and maybe even juggs if they were fast enough), exterminate the unfortunate players attack force and leave them vulnerable to being attacked and defeated.

Navy Rushers

Rarity: Rare - Ultra

Difficulty: Hard to Impossible.

Navy Rushers are known for their instant rush of battleships, seeing as how you usually make enough money in the first five minutes of the game for these guys to get two battleships. They go around shooting down everybody's dockyards on the map, making it basically impossible to fight back due to the fact of most people aren't prepared or just don't expect it. Their favorite maps are Six Small Islands and Tri Weather, or, just basically any map that requires a navy to actually win. A good example of this type of player is Bad_Boris. You are likely to meet him in the 1&2 rooms. Most people recognize him early on and try to out-play him with his own strat, but he's done it so long there's no point of even trying to do this. One of their weaknesses is that they rush navy SO hard, that they don't even put down power/nuclear plants down on their own starting crystal. One of the only ways to beat these types of players is by making an air force of space-fighting force. They are known for being well organized and relying on their alliances for money once their task of taking out everybody's dockyards has been completed. One of the good things about knowing you have an enemy Navy Rusher on your team is that they tend to make people RQ right off the bat, seeing as how lots of people get fairly irritated when people instantaneously take out their dockyards. These people often give up their strat within 30 to 40 minutes in and begin to work on their armies. These players are experienced and know the mechanics fairly well and allying with these players is often a good choice; for your own benefit of course. And, as stated above, seeing as how they often rely on their allies for their income they are often open for attack on their CC in a few minutes as they rarely start to work on their army once they've gotten their battleships. Their allies being taken out are a key component in finishing these players off.

Space Link Rushers

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Hard

These players rely on teamwork to quickly accumulate money to buy a space link within the first 20 minutes. Can easily wreck havoc upon other players still trying to grow their economy due to the speed and damage of the space fighter. You can however, still beat them by using transport ships or planes to destroy their plants. After all, space links aren't cheap, and neither are space fighters.


Rarity: Uncommon-Rare

Difficulty: Annoying.

These players quit when the lobby timer is down to 1. Then repeatedly leave and join. They are skillfull sometimes like the Decents but when they lose. They start cheating and going out of map and glitching them out just so you wont win.

Turret Spammer

Rarity: Common - Everywhere (Varied in Room 7)

Difficulty: Hard

These players are the ones that defend every plant and base with a load of turrets. They're strong but they won't win anyway. If they're allied. It would suck real bad for you. It'll distract you and take down most of your troops. So attack in an ally to have optimal damage and minimal tragedies. If their barbarians + turret spam. They'll lose. Your army will soon overtake him.

Variant: Fort Spammer

Rarity: Uncommon

Difficulty: Irritatingly Hard - Expert

These dudes are self-explanatory. They spam forts in order to keep you at bay. You can see them slightly more commonly in Fantasy 2. And if their army pushes with a tight barrier, it's over.


Rarity: Uncommon. (Common in Room 5 and 7)

Difficulty: Irritatingly Hard

These players are quite difficult to destroy. They are turret spammers worst nightmare. Anything with far range is the Sniper's best friend. This includes artillery. To kill command centers and HQ's and walls. Tanks to outrange turrets.


Rarity: Virtually Everywhere

Difficulty: Varied

These are the generic regular players, they know how to play, NP at their base, expand, command, conquer. They basically have no strategy other than get an economy, get an army, and then strike.

Kid Ego

Rarity: Common in Room 7. Uncommon in Room 5. Common in Room 1&2

Difficulty: Easy - Hard

They irritate you by having a super high self-esteem and calling you "Scrub". "Low level plebs", "Noobs". Etc

They rage quit and complain about anything because nothing is their fault for them if you win. When they win they keep teasing you, their tactic is to irritate you and make you not focused. However, when you beat them you should give them a taste of their own medicine ;)

Variant: Bragger

Difficulty: Impossible, as someone needs to beat you in order to be a bragger

Braggers are downright annoying. When they see you about to lose, they mock you with insults such as "noob", "loser", etc. If you try to make a comeback or argue, they will just reprimand you with your loss. The only way to "beat" them is to be the bigger man and ignore them.

 Good Sports

Rarity: Legendary (On the verge of extinction)

Difficulty: Medium to Ultra

These players have average skills and rarely rage quit, they congratulate you when they are defeated and point out what they did wrong. Also they compliment on what your strategy was. As the Kid Ego population rises, the numbers of the Good Sports dwindle, this is due to Good Sports being mocked by the Kid Ego and being defeated by other players.


Rarity: Uncommon

Difficulty: Hard

These people make a few power plants then make a tank factory and spam explosive tanks in the first 15 minutes. They target your Command Center and are generally difficult to stop.

Variant: Explosive Spam

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Bombers spam 4-7 explosive tanks as soon as possible and send them in the spots where your buildings are closest together. This destroys multiple buildings. The smart ones will target both unit producers and your Command Center at once.

Nuke Researchers

Rarity: Common

Difficulty: Easy

This type of player immediately researches nukes at the start of the game, and the research center is their most defended building. They usually forget about building plants or expanding, and are very easy to destroy. They often sell their other buildings to defend the research center. It is common to find multiple research centres in a relatively weak base, and also common to find them attempting to hid research centres. It's very rare for them to actually build the silo, yet actually build a missile.


Rarity: Common

Difficulty: Hard

These are the people who won't accept defeat. When you destroy their CC they usually get a space fighter or a transport ship and run away so that the game won't end. They also do that to annoy you. Be careful though they can get a new power plant and rebuild if you left them alone.

Artillery Spammers

Rarity: Varies, common in higher number rooms

Difficulty: Hard

Artillery spammers, as their name suggests, spam artillery units. The first thing they tend to do is gain enough income to get the artillery, which is the point at which they're weakest. Then they max out or go near the max of artilleries they can afford, gain a large amount of smaller, weaker units to defend their artilleries, and set out towards your base. The damage the artilleries do is high, so it's worth stopping them as soon as possible.


Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Easy to Hard

These are the kind of people who don't take risks or build units but instead secure a few crystals and spam turrets, walls, forts, shields, command centers, and headquarters. They can be easily defeated via artillery or early rushes but are extremely annoying as they don't do anything and/or wait for everyone to expend their resources, units and potential nukes.


Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Hard

These are any players that use the technique of putting snipers in jeeps. They make up for the Sniper's slowness and weakness by putting them in a jeep and use them to destroy your soldiers. The jeep is faster than soldiers so it is only possible to catch them off guard or with faster non-soldier units, like planes.

Camp Builders

Rarity: Uncommon

Difficulty: Expert

These players specialize at landing on an enemy's home turf and quickly building a small base, often on naval maps and involving a few defenses with a fort/barracks and or tank factory. They are also hard as they can make one quickly expend resources and time on trying to destroy a fire base. They also like to build them up on high terrain where often only artillery and space fighters can attack from. Two examples of these players are createcrusher and SnakeBlaster2017, if you see them, often in a navel map, expect them to use this strategy.

Turret Spammers

Rarity: Uncommon

Difficulty: Depends on what he did and what you did, if he sold his CC - medium, if he sold his CC and you got tanks/artillery - way too easy, if he didn't sold his CC but you got artillery - way too easy, if he didnt solt his CC and you dont have artillery - hard

Basically a version of scrubs, they only spam turrets on the beginning of the game. If you see one, remember that tanks outrange turrets. But you must be careful if he didnt sold his CC (command center if someone dont knows)


Rarity: Extremely rare but gaining popularity.

Difficulty: Hard.

Mostly seen in the new map Fantasy 2 at around mid game. When one team has reached the other teams side of the island one may research and build a wall in order to keep the enemies in and allowing no escape if on the offensive. If on the defensive they will stop enemies from entering through the choke point. They often build turrets, mines, AA turrets and sometimes even forts to a company their walls, using mass firepower or artillery and snipers can often win them over and either allow your team to escape your half of the island or let your forces into their half of the island.

The Players With Friends

Rarity: Uncommon-Rare (Common in Room 7)

Difficulty: Medium-Irritatingly Hard

These people join the game and bring their friends, usually in a Skype or Discord with them, and have very good communication with each other, so that there are no misunderstandings, they understand their advantages and disadvantages, and usually have set plans made to win the game. Can be easily taken out if they are relatively new to the game, otherwise are very annoying and will usually cause people to rage before late-game by one using Naval Rush, another using Turtle, etc. (Three players known for this are CouragouesAlbert101, CoolWhistle0544, and BigGamming)

Variant - The First of Many

Rarity: Common

Difficulty: Easy yet irritating

These guys often join after another quits, after that he/she will start spamming in chat that they want their friends or siblings to join and that they want the players that were there first to leave.


Rarity: Non-Existent

Difficulty: Impossible

What? These people just spam their money till its full, buy bunch of defences, and block you down, destroy with a bunch of tanks, planes and space planes. Luckily for us, Conquerors 3 has anti-exploits more advanced than Jailbreak and Phantom Forces which snipe Hackers out of the game 360 MLG no scope with ban hammer sniper 100%

Variant - Barbarian Hackers

Rarity: Non-Existnent

Difficulty: Impossible

Barbarian Hackers are simply scrubs who has exploits and have trust issues because they are so trash when they play legit that their teams leave the game as soon as they see they are trash. These people do not team up with people because they already know they can rekt everyone in 1 minute with tanks and nukes, but Conquerors 3 has anti-exploits which snip this scrubs outta existence 100%.

Lag Experts

Rarity: Semi-uncommon to rare

Difficulty: Hard-Ultra

Heres what they do: They always lag, but are still exceptionally skilled. They always know what ally to choose. They tend to use infantry always to quickly hush the round. They use "En Masse" tactics after maxed out the infantry. When he/she about to rekt the final base to finish off the round, he/she will lagged out, and it's all 2-hour effort went into ashes, and the spot will always replaced by a god damn noob.

Team "Carriers"

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Dont be fooled by the title, these aren't the pros unfortunate enough to be forced to team with noobs who have to put up with there nonsense whilst they rise from the ashes and vanquish the enemy team, no those are team carriers. These are team "carriers" as in aircraft carriers.

Often a team of bacon hairs or noobs who have played a few rounds and know a few things, they may also know that carriers are one of the best navel units you can get but are also costly so, the 2 or 3 noobs will all send they're starting cash to one player, often before even getting a plant, one player will then get a naval yard and 1-2 carriers. They are often too poor to put up a good fight and too poor to even build planes from their new collective carrier/s. To defeat them just send destroyers and battleships, once the crown of their fleets dead the 2 or 3 of them will leave.

Anti Eco Players

Rarity: Rare

Difficulty: Medium

These are the types that start with an army and go marching around and taking out every power/nuclear plant they see. They can be annoying in early game, but you can counter them with allies. Normally they don't focus on economy themselves so they may not have good defenses, so once the Command Center buff wears out, your team is free to crush the Anti Eco player. Just be aware that they can grow super strong in the endgame as your economy will be crushed if you dont do anything about them, while their economy has the potential to grow strong.

Money Wasters

Rarity: Common

Difficulty: Medium

These people build power and nuclear plants in the first 20 minutes. After that they go on a money spending spree such as, buying an aircraft carrier navy, shields, and even Command Centers. You can find commonly find him in conquest and survival servers.


Difficultry: Easy to EXTREME (unfinished)

These player can be smart or dumb. 


Difficulty: Irritatingly hard or Scrub level. Moochers are usually also economic hungry managers. What they do is get to 100 cpm, and build their army. You may think that's basic, but they are much harder to take on because they have a lot more money. Why? They don't actually buy any buildings. They always use other peope's buildings. Without buying stuff, they have more money to spend, leading to bigger armies. Another situation is that they are scrubs, in which case they aren't a threat.

Bombing Raiders

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Difficulty: Easy - Hard

These players at all costs will try to research stealth bombers than attack all your unguarded plants in an attempt to cripple your economy. If all your plants are left unguarded these players will be a living nightmare but if you put up turrets or anti air these players will go in a complete frenzy trying to find the last of your unguarded plants

Variant - Air Fleet

Difficulty: Irritatingly Hard

They will create huge fleets of stealth bombers and will take out your plants with ease. If you only have 1 anti air at your plants these players will continue to relentlessly attack with their large numbers as your lone anti air will be crippled by heavy damage. Easiest way to beat these players is the use space fighters, loads of anti air turrets and units in order to cripple their fleets leaving them with little to no cash left afterwards, a stealth bomber isn't a cheap investment >:3

economic HANGRY manager

Difficulty: Annoying HANGRY managers get to 100 cpm, then they get a 9/10 army of heavy soldiers. The 1 spot left is used for a meditruck in case of interceptors. Once building this army, they take out enemy plants and put plants on former enemy crystals. How to beat them? Intercept with space planes while the meditruck is moving. They can't escape, so they will be forced to deploy their heavies. Ask you ally to intercept with a larger force, and when the fight ends, do to them what they did to you. >:3


Difficulty: Annoying

For a small thing that you did to these people (e.x. take out a plant) they will hunt you down for the rest of the game. This can really hinder your progress as they will make sure they make your life a living hell.

Exploding tank spammer

Rarity: Mythical

Difficulty: Varied depending on how well he or she playes

These spammers/rushers will place a Tank Factory at unreachable places near you CC(E.G. an unreachable hill near a crystal) and make as many Exploding Tanks as possible before rushing into your CC. Making your game a living hell. The way to counter it is to prevent them from building the Tank Factory in the first place by either rushing, ruining their economy, or prevent any enemy forces from building anything.

Commanders/Outpost makers

Difficulty: Varies from medium to Impossible depending on players' skill.

Rarity: Varies from mythical to uncommon/common depending on the room. Conquest 4v4(due to spawn locations,where making an outpost in choke zones is almost a requirement to win) and lvl 10+ conquest are the most common ones.

(Commanders and base makers are different but commanders usually build bases and visce versa)Commanders are people who manage to lead their team they are pretty generic but their skills varies from scrubs to experts. In 4V4(mostly, since the teams start togheter in certain point, east or west) and lvl 10+ conquest(less likely), they tend to be fairly common, building bases on choke zones togheter with their team and on room 1/2 is Almost impossible to find an experienced one. They are often found rushing to a choke point straight after the game starting,leaving a useless-ish soldier at their spawn base, so they can build plants, and rush with their army on maps such as Europe and maps that you don't rely on a navy,and then making a base in there, preferably the closest to the enemy base as possible,so they can guarantee theirselves/their team lots of Crystals and effectively block the enemies passage. They can be medium to defeat with an at least decent team but are your worst nightmare if they are good. They are very rare to find on 2v2v2 maps and ffa ones (because there is a high risk of those people getting cross teamed on those maps + multiple spawn locations) and on low rank rooms, however it's very common on rooms with rank restrictions, with their ability varying. If they get there and without an enemy team counter(preferably making the same or killing it before grows) to this in very early game (before 5 min) the game will be just a matter of time on most normal occasions, but is not impossible, since people with good army manveuer and good use of transports/attack planes can cripple their usually unprotected economy and even their main base if left unprotected. They will often play with friends through a call (steam, discord,skype,etc) and their effectiveness relies in teamwork. and are scrubs/bacons worst nightmare. They are Gods on room 1,since are very rare to find and impossible for a noob to defeat.

Counters to this type of players: early rushes, Having your own team base on a choke zone, and grow it with defences and unit-making buildings(and units) Have a very strong eco, and to break the stalemate bombing their plants,(protecting yours. without their economy, a base like this won't be able to recover, or not in time to prevent destruction). After that raise your cap and make a full force attack with your team. Nukes and fire bombs are extremely usefull in such situations, but some may use bunker. Flanking the base is also a good strategy, but since they are almost all times found on 4v4, it may be hard without transports. Good team coordination is the key to achieve succes.

Examples of good commanders/outpost makers: BPTRY,xpokeplaysx,

Anti all squad

Difficulty: Medium if it's a noob/doesn't know how to do this, but can be extremely hard and annoying if he has decent enough teammates

Rarity: Very rare to uncommon

As some sort of Sniper-Jeep variant, the anti-all squad (the way I like calling it) is the player who makes their army specially to counter units. While they may not excel at destroying bases in some occasions (Unless they have teammates or artillery/tanks), they are very good to "LITTERALY MOW DOWN" your army in a matter of seconds. Their army is composed mostly of Snipers, AA Soldiers (or rarely AA tanks), Artillery (or tanks) and jeeps and rarely general. This sort of army is very good at destroying land infantry, air forces and buildingss, making them something really annoying as they can destroy your army in a matter of seconds without them even taking damage, or taking critic damage.